The Curtsey (10)

Ms. Lisa had never penetrated a male before but of course as a female had been penetrated many times. She knew full well the difference between a gentle penetration and a "dammed to all" forced penetration. She instinctively chose the latter and plunged full into her victim in one solid thrust. Sissy Bunny was not used to this type of penetration as Madam used a gentle persuasion to cause the sissy to like and want to be penetrated. But as soon as the life like and liquid filled balls of the strap on pressed hard against the pansies bottom she pulled nearly all the way out only leaving less than an inch in his body. Then back in she thrust her hard Black cock, then in and out with rapid succession. She next began to talk to him which surprised both of the other ladies.
"Sissy Bunny, I am going to fuck you until your brains leak out your ears. I am going to fuck you all night until I cum a dozen or more times. You are such a pathetic wimp. First you cheat on your wife and then you are forced to be a sissy and suck cock and watch videos of your wife enjoying real men. I loved the video of Burt fucking her while Ted was having her suck his cock. Do you think she has shown that to all of your friends yet or will she wait till you get home to do that and have you dress up like a prissy little French Maid and serve them popcorn and snacks while they all watch it together? Then when they are through maybe you can fluff their big hard Black cocks so she can fuck them again in front of you. I bet you can't wait t for that can you?"
Sissy Bunny was answering her as she asked questions but Ms. Lisa cared not a bit what he had to say she just wanted him to know who was in charge and to feel the power from her hard strap on that was now controlling his entire body and mind. Ms. Lisa threatened him and said, "Sissy Bunny I am going to count to ten and when I say ten if you don't cum like a school girl getting her cherry popped for the first time I am going to use the shocker on you again but three times in a row this time."
Madam Rebecca swallowed hard and Ms. Crystal grabbed Madam's arm as if to say, "What are we to do?"  Madam just patted her arm but inside she was worried as a Dom could not go back on an order or a promised punishment without losing credibility. She could only hope Sissy Bunny would climax on command.
Ms. Lisa then increased her thrusts to a spectacular rate, one that only a young woman in full sexual excitement could perform. As she thrust, she counted slowly towards ten. By four Sissy Bunny was thrusting against her thrust trying to get more like a sex-starved woman would. Ms. Lisa said, "That's a very good girl Sissy Bunny, that's the kind of action your wife's Black lovers are going to want and your wife will really enjoy seeing. Maybe I should stop now so you can't cum?" Sissy Bunny pleased, "Oh please, please Ms. Lisa, don't stop, I want you to fuck me, please, harder faster fuck me like a bitch needing fucked, please Ms. Lisa." Sissy Bunny was thrusting as hard as his restraints would permit and Madam was not sure how he could possibly move as much as he was moving but was thoroughly enjoying the de-maleing of this trainee.   As Lisa got closer to number ten, Bunny's breathing and straining increased proportionately and when she reached ten she reached down and squeezed her liquid filled balls three times in a row squirting deep into Bunnies sissy bottom and Sissy Bunny exploded in a climax. His climax was so strong that he nearly passed out. It was the most exceptional climax of
his life and he loved the feeling through it drained him completely of emotion and energy. His mouth went completely dry and he was exhausted by the time that Ms. Lisa removed the sissy tamer from his bottom.
Sissy Bunny lay there completely subdued and limp and M. Lisa felt as if she had conquered the world. What a power trip it was for her to make a male climax like he was a woman! She now understood why men liked to fuck so  much. Why they liked to make a woman beg or say things they would normally not say. It was not just the pleasure of sex but the power that went with it that women seldom got to experience and share. But now, well now, she knew the secret and she saw the results but it was not over. As she realized all of this she began to cum so she renewed her thrusts into Sissy Bunny as she came over and over. And a strange thing happened as she did this. She heard Sissy Bunny quietly saying, "Oh yes Ms. Lisa it feels so wonderful, thank you Ms. Lisa you are so great I feel so good I understand what you want of me now and I am ready to accept being a sissy and serving my wife and her lovers."
It was now obvious to both Sissy Bunny and Ms. Lisa that Bunny had crossed the line and was now mentally a full sissy. Yes he had a great deal of training to go through but the pleasure he experienced from a completely dominant and controlling woman allowed him to see what his real status was and furthermore, to accept it.
Madam Rebecca knew he was very dry so she suggested Ms. Lisa allow him a drink. Ms. Lisa remembered what madam and said earlier about his feeding and she smiled as she reached for the cock with the tube extending from it and placed it to Sissy Bunny's lips. Without hesitation he licked the end as taught and then opened his mouth and took it in deep. He sucked on it like a cock hungry whore draining as many juices from it as fast as he could while Ms. Lisa held the cock shaft in her hand and watched pleased and amused as he so hungrily sucked it.
She patted him on the head and said, "You make a very pretty cock sucker Sissy Bunny, I bet your wife will be very pleased with how well you suck cock when she has you suck some of her Black lovers for her." Sissy Bunny paused his sucking long enough to say, "Thank you Ms. Lisa, I hope so, I really do want to make her happy." Then he continued taking the shaft into his mouth and sucking on the fake cock.
Ms. Lisa turned and smiled at her mother and Madam Rebecca and said, "This is fun; I could really get into this." Both women smiled back at her and gave her a knowing nod.  Madam Rebecca then helped her to start to take off her strap on and Lisa looked disappointed and said, "Oh Madam, don't you have any more sissies that need fucking?"
Madam looked at her with a stern look and said, "No dear, not right now and I don't know how many of them could take what you just dished out anyway. Remember dear this one was and I do mean WAS a hard case. You seem to have resolved that problem but the rest are gentle souls who just need guidance and you need to remember that. We are not in the habit of abusing sissies just for the fun of it you know?"
Ms. Lisa looked disappointed but accepted what Madam had to say. Just then, Sissy Bunny, looked up at Madam and said, "Madam if it please you may I fix my makeup, I look a terrible sight and I want to make sure I am always pretty from now on?"
Madam Smiled at Sissy Bunny and said, "Yes it does please me Bunny, I hope you will continue to along these lines of accepting and improving, it will be far better for you and you will be much happier if you do."
"Yes Ma'am, I know that now. Ms. Lisa has helped to understand that I am here to please and not be selfish as I have been in the past. I am very ashamed at how I have acted in the past as, you know, a man, but I see the error of my ways and I really do think I am ready to really begin making some progress to becoming the good sissy maid cuckold Ms. Elizabeth wants me to become."
Madam smiled back at him saying, "I am very proud of you Bunny and you to Ms. Lisa it seems you have transformed your first sissy though I think we need to work on some of your technique but still it worked very well and you too should be proud of yourself. Sissie, assist Bunny in getting off the bench and move him to the next level of training."
Sissie Curtseyed and replied, "Yes Madam, right away Madam" and provided a respectful curtsey to her. Sissie then with a large smile on his face when to Sissy Bunny and undid his restraints and began to jabber about how much fun it was going to be now that he had advanced and then holding hands took him off toward the vanity to redo his terribly messed up makeup.
It was then off to the next sissy in training for the ladies, Maid Tabitha who was in the kitchen cleaning up.
Across town Ms. Brenda was in route to the seamstress who had agreed to make her Sissy Tammie some new dresses.  Tammie was slightly nervous but also was in full anticipation of what was going to happen. Ms. Brenda pulled into the small parking lot next to the shop and they both got out and Tammie followed her across the parking lot and around the corner of the building. Just as they rounded the corner a couple walked their way. Both instantly noticed that Tammie was a man in drag and stared. The man elbowed the woman next to him and said in an audible voice, "Look at that, will you?"  Both stared at Tammie as he and Brenda passed them. They entered the door with Tammie carrying the garment bag holding his white communion dress and with his purse hung from his shoulder containing his heels.
They were greeted by Katie, Virginia's helper.  Katie had been informed as had Linda, Virginia's other helper that a woman was bringing her sissified boyfriend in for measuring for several dresses' one of which was to be his wedding dress but he was not to know so to pretend the dress was not a wedding dress. Both Katie and Linda were anxious to see this situation. All the women had worked on clothes for sissies before but this one was reported to be a little more special and they loved seeing males treated this way. It somehow made things more equal.
With excitement in her voice and her eyes darting back and forth between Ms. Brenda and Tammie who was still red faced from the outside encounter with the couple asked, "May I help you?"
"Yes, I am Brenda Moore and this is Tammie, we have an appointment with Virginia to get Tammie measured and pick out some fabrics for some new dresses I want made for him."
It was obvious to all that there would be no pretending about why they were there. The frankness actually helped calm Katie's nerves a bit and bring her around to doing her job.
She smiled and said, "Yes, we were told to expect you, please follow me and we will get Virginia and get started."
Brenda had discussed the situation with Virginia and Virginia was anxious to assist Brenda in her quest for two reasons. First because she liked to see males put in their place and second because she could see this could be a profitable venture if she assisted and helped Brenda sissify her future husband. She knew that Brenda wanted the measuring and subsequent fittings to be done as publicly as possible to expose Tammie as much as practical and Virginia had no problem complying with this request.
"Hello, you must be Brenda and this must be our little Tammie, I am Virginia, the owner. Shall we go over here and measure Tammie?"
"Yes I am Brenda and this is my future husband Tammie. Tammie brought one of his cute little communion dress to model for you so we can start with a style and build on it so do you want him to model it first and then measure or measure first and then model?"
Virginia did not care about what made sense or was most efficient so she smiled and said, "Oh lets have him model it first then we will measure him and then have him model it again so we can see how the measurements we took may affect how the dresses fit."
Brenda liked the way Virginia thought and she could see the big smiles on Katie and Linda's faces.  Tammie knew better than to resist or even to speak unless directly spoken too so stood there in submission listening and getting ready to do what he was told to do. The four women loved seeing a male being so subdued and acting so submissive. His entire stance radiated submission. Standing with eyes down cast, feet together, hands folded in front and purse hanging from his right shoulder. He had a feminine figure resulting from the corset and padded bra as well as the women's pants and blouse he was wearing. He exhibited no masculine traits at all which made the women feel powerful in his subdued presence.
"Tammie let's get you into your pretty little sissy dress so the ladies can get a good look at you.  Make sure you put your heels on and let's see some good turns and mincing so the ladies can get an idea of what they need to do."
"Yes Ma'am, right away Ma'am."
Tammie went to where Ms. Brenda pointed and removed his blouse, pants and shoes to revel that he also had a slip on.  All four females intently watched every move he made as he got undressed. Katie made the comment, "What pretty panties you have on Tammie." "Thank your Ma'am."
Ms. Brenda said, "Katie you may be interested to know that Tammie made those panties. Well actually modified them would be more accurate. All the lace and bows that are sewn on were sewn on by Tammie to make his panties more sissy like."
"Very nice job Tammie, they look very good on you and they certainly do make you look more sissy." The ladies all giggled and agreed with Katie.
Tammie was now putting on his petticoat and looked even more feminine than before. The ladies commented on how cute it looked as well and made mention of how nicely it swayed and swished as he moved.
Linda asked, "Tammie do you like your petticoats as much as I like seeing them on you?" Tammie not getting that the ladies were purposely drawing as much attention to his sissification as possible replied honestly, "Yes Ma'am, I very much love the feel of a god petticoat."
"What is it you like so much about the feel," asked Virginia?
"Oh it just feels so swishy against my nylons. Every time I move or sit I feel it against me and it makes me feel so feminine and submissive. I also enjoy the way it makes my skirts flare out and gives me a more feminine figure."
The women all smiled partly because of how true his words were but also because of how acclimated he was to wearing girls things and the positive way in which he accepted them. Each moment brought more confidence to the three ladies that would be assisting him with making his new dresses as they explored their limits and his reactions.
Tammie was now slipping into his communion dress and approached Ms. Brenda and while turning asked her if she would hook him in the back. She said, "Sure" and fastened up the back of his dress. As she did, she called attention to the two rings at the neck line and the two at the waist line pointing out these should be part of dresses made for Tammie.
Linda asked if they were for ribbons or belts or collars. Brenda replied, "No Linda, if you will note there is a band of heavier fabric that circles the garment at each location as well. The rings are for locks. So I can put a small padlock and make it so Tammie cannot remove the garment unless I want him too."
Katie said, "Is that a problem is he a bad girl some times and won't wear his dresses?"
"No, he actually loves to wear his dresses but it's the idea that I am in control. He has no say so nor is he able to make decisions on his own. This lets him know that I am in charge at all times over all things." 
Virginia said, "Linda put that in our notes so we don't forget it. Put down "Two locking bands for securing the garment to the sissy one at the waist and one at the collar.""
Linda giggled at the "sissy" part and Ms. Brenda gave Virginia an approving smile. Ms. Brenda was already quite pleased with the way the staff was treating Tammie and her worries about them being too prudish or not wanting to participate in Tammie's exposure was unfounded.  She could see that these ladies were very much enjoying the tormenting of Tammie and would most likely get more creative as time went by.
Now that Tammie had his dress, petticoats and heels on Ms. Brenda commanded him to walk. The ladies were impressed with how his skirts swayed left and right as he minced so sissy like. His hips were moving in a most feminine manner. They could also hear the swishing of the petticoats as they rubbed back and forth across his nylon-covered legs. Tammie was made to walk back and forth nearly a dozen times before Ms. Brenda told him to display his sitting in a dress. She had him sit and stand over a half dozen times. Next she told him to perform a curtsey to each one of them.
Linda and Katie both had to cover their mouths when Tammie executed his first curtsey before the ladies. It was eloquent they thought, probably much better than either of them could possibly do. They both wondered how many hours he had practiced his curtseys to become so proficient at it.
Just as Tammie was in his second curtsey two customers walked in. The two customers were not just any two customers, no they were Alice and Jessie Caldwell, the next door neighbors and the ones who had seen Tammie dressed like a sissy before.  Tammie had his back to them so did not know who was approaching but Ms. Brenda recognized them right off. She said, "Why hello Alice and Jessie how are you?"
"Why hi Brenda," said Alice and "Hello Ms. Moore," said her daughter Alice as they continued to approach.
Tammie continued through his curtseys and recognizing the voices became red faced. Ms. Brenda noticed this and was ready to exploit it as much as possible. She said, "Tammie you know our neighbors Ms. Alice and Ms. Jessie say hello to them and give them each a proper curtsey as well."
Tammie recalling how Jessie called him a sissy and gave him a look of contempt for wearing feminine apparel was reluctant and embarrassed to turn and face the two as he was sure they did not yet recognize him for whom he was. Jessie had never been referred to as Ms. Before and was still contemplating the elevation of rank from Brenda's remark when Tammie turned and she instantly recognized him. Her mouth flew open and her eyes flared wide and she spouted, "Look Mother, it's the big sissy from our building, look at him he is wearing a dress again."
Alice slightly embarrassed herself by her daughter's outburst tried to calm things down saying, "All right dear, he is just probably trying on a costume for a play or part or something, control yourself young lady."
Ms. Brenda smiled at the innocent actions of the young lady to Tammie and said, "Jessie, you are right he is a big sissy and he is going to stay a sissy. You see dear, we are going to be married soon, as soon as Tammie passes all of his tests and I really don't want to be a housewife so I am training him to be my housewife. Now he can't do a good job at that if he thinks or pretends he is still a man now can he? So I am sissifying him through petticoating and feminization to be a submissive housewife to me. So you see dear he has no choice in the matter and it is I that is making him dress like he is. We are here in fact to have several more dresses made for him, would you like to watch how the ladies go about that?"
Jessie was blank faced and still trying to process all of the information she just heard. Whatever it all meant she was so curious that she definitely wanted to know and see more so she just nodded her head like an android confirming she did. But after doing that she looked over at her mother and pleaded, "Mother may we stay and watch I would really like to watch?"
Alice a little shocked by the events herself but also just as curious as her daughter smiled back at Jessie and nodded her head OK.
Tammie still in shock himself and unsure what to do was standing there amongst all these females, all the females by the way wearing pants and he ironically, the only male, the only one wearing a dress! Ms. Brenda noticing that Tammie had not followed his last order spoke in a louder than normal voice saying, "Tammie, I expect a proper greeting to our neighbors right now!"
Tammie instantly executed a proper curtsey to Ms. Alice and said, "Hello Ms. Alice it is wonderful to see you again." Then to Jessie saying, "Hello Ms. Jessie, it is also wonderful to see you again." Both Alice and Jessie said hello back and smiled broadly at his efforts to obey Ms. Brenda.
Virginia keying on the events said, "Ok Tammie let's get you out of your dress, petticoat and slip but leave your high heels on as they affect your posture s we can get your measurements now."
Normally Katie and/or Linda would assist a patron in undressing from such a garment but all of the ladies really wanted to watch Tammie do it himself. It seemed fascinating watching a male dress and undress in feminine clothing and none of them wanted to miss a second of it. Alice did look at Brenda giving her a questioned expression and glanced over at Jessie in wonderment of how appropriate this might be for a young lady to attend. But Brenda smiled and nodded her head and mouthed the words, "She will be fine, it's OK really."
Katie did help unlatch the back of Tammie's dress but then stepped back so all could have an unobstructed view of Tammie getting undressed.
As Tammie removed his dress then petticoat and finally his slip Jessie was totally amazed at what she saw. Here was a man, well sort of, that had a pinched waist, full breasts like chest and was fully feminized even down to his frilly, sissy panties. She also noticed something that the older ladies did but were reluctant to mention it. Her youth did not prevent her from asking direct questions as maturity often did.
"Mother did they remove his thing? The boys at school all have big bulges there and he is very smooth like a real girl, did they take it off of him?"
The women all laughed as they knew and remembered all too well how well they noticed the boy's bulges when they were school girls as well. How they would talk privately about them and try and decide how big they must be.  It was just too funny that this young lady had the courage to ask such a direct question that each of them, less Brenda of course, wondered about.
Ms. Brenda replied, "No dear he still has his boy things, but he must keep them tucked up inside and back between his legs lest he begins to think he is a man with manly rights. Keeping them tucked helps his feminine appearance as well. You can imagine how unsightly it would be for him to be wearing a tight skirt or skimpy dress and have "things" sticking out. He also must sit to pee like a lady does out of respect so it works out very well."
"Well, doesn't that hurt him?"
"No dear it does not hurt him though it does make it difficult for him to act like man?"
"Well what do you do when you want to have sex with him I mean do you let him out or what?"
"Jessie, what questions from a young lady's mouth," her mother replied in shock.
"It's ok Alice, these are normal healthy questions and she should get answers to them. Jessie, Tammie is going to be my sissy wife. He won't be doing manly things like sports, or drinking or having sex like a man. His boy things will stay tucked unless he is washing and then they will be placed right back into their proper place. If he has sex, he will have it like a girl. And as for me I have boyfriends who will take care of my needs. You see Jessie.  Tammie is not only a sissy but a sissy maid cuckold. Do you know what a cuckold is Jessie?"
"Yes it's a sort of bird."
The ladies laughed and Jessie looked at them strangely not understanding why.
"No Jessie, that's a cuckoo. A cuckold is maried male whose wife enjoys sex with other men, real men, lovers who can please and satisfy her and has no say in the matter at all."
"Really, wow, you mean like you have a harem but it's made up of boys and you get to pick and choose."
They all giggled again and Ms. Brenda smiled and said, "Well sort of but I don't keep them all at the apartment, I just invite one over when I want him and then he goes home when I am done with him. It works out much better that way."

The Curtsey (9)

All sorts of thoughts ran through Tammie's mind as he did as ordered. Once in position Ms. Brenda worked her way over him and lowered her sweet womanhood to his lips and told him to suck and lick until she felt perfectly clean. As Tammie did, he began to get juices that were a mixture from the two of them and found them to be quite pleasant tasting. He too was sexually aroused though being tucked no one would ever know it. The position and humiliation had caused him to be extra submissive but totally aroused and desiring to please as much as he could. As Ms. Brenda got her cleaning, she remarked over and over how fantastic Steve was and what a great choice he was and how she was sure that Tammie need never try to please her again. All of these things worked on Tammie making him feel completely defeated and ready to obey any command either of them gave him. He felt totally out classed and defenseless in trying to ever prove he was a man in any way. He wondered if all of this would go favorably for him toward the marriage. Little did he know that Ms. Brenda upon settling her bottom over Tammie's lips had made her decision right then and there, yet she also decided to with hold this decision from Tammie lest he thought his testing was too easy?
As Tammie did his job of licking and sucking Ms. Brenda sat there staring at Steve and imagining all of the pleasures he had brought to her in the hour before. "It was amazing," she thought, "how one could feel this much ecstasy and pleasure." It was a mind cleansing experience, and she felt fully alive and refreshed. Her body was being soothed yet stimulated by the sissy to be husband below while her lover lay there watching her wind down from their love making, his cock ever so slightly starting to twinge again as if it wanted more of her. But even if it did, she was done for now. She had experienced
what every woman should experience and that is the full ability of males to please. One making her rock and moan and scream and beg and the other softly, tenderly caressing and soothing her fires.
Ms. Brenda began a soft inner deep climax, but one much different from the kind her lover Steve had given her earlier yet just as fulfilling and satisfying. Two different males and two different climaxes yet both important and satisfying in their own right. She knew she had the best of all worlds and needed only to further develop her stable of lovers and further the training of her sissy Tammie to make life just perfect.
When she was satisfied that Tammie had done all he could do, she sent him to get cleaned up and change into a night gown and then return to say goodnight to her and Mr. Steve. Yes Steve was staying the night and the two of them were back to kissing and fondling when Tammie returned in his pink baby doll nightgown, holding his Barbie doll in one hand and mouth shaper in the other. Before entering he knocked and was told to enter. Ms. Brenda looked him over and smiled at him and said, "I am quite pleased with you Tammie; you did a very nice job tonight. Now thank Mr. Steve for fucking me so well and then give us both a curtsey and put your mouth shaper in place before going to bed. In the morning you will knock on my door at 8:00 A.M. sharp and then I will tell you what to fix us for breakfast so be in your maids uniform when you arrive."
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Mr. Steve for fucking Ms. Brenda the way you did. I know she thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a pleasure serving you Sir." He then curtseyed and placed the penis gag in his mouth to which Steve just shook his head, locked it in place and went to bed leaving the two lovers to do what lovers do.
Tammie awoke several times during the night to loud moans and noises coming from across the hall in Ms. Brenda's room. He smiled to himself each time now as he knew how much enjoyment Ms. Brenda was receiving. He really did not understand why but her having a lover seemed to make him feel better, less selfish maybe and a better person.  He slept peacefully between the times when the two were having sex.
In the morning he awoke at 7:00 A.M. and got dressed in a working maid's uniform, made sure his makeup was perfect and his room in order and then at precisely 8:00 A.M. he stood outside Ms. Brenda's door and knocked on it. No answer so he knocked again and then heard Ms. Brenda say, "You may enter."
He did as told and saw the two cuddled together in the bed with both of them barely awake. Ms. Brenda said, "Good morning Tammie. I would like a coffee, one egg, soft boiled, two pieces of wheat toast, two pieces of bacon. And Steve, what would you like for breakfast?"
Mr. Steve smiled and said, "You, I want you for breakfast and lunch and supper and maybe for a midnight snack too."
"Ok silly, besides me what do you want for breakfast?"
Mr. Steve kissed her on the neck and then sat up and looked at Tammie and said, "I want a coffee, two eggs, a sunny side up and four pieces of white toast. I want six pieces of bacon and hash browns. Now get to it while I make love again to my sweet Brenda here."
The reality of Mr. Steve's words sank into Tammie deeply.  She was his for sex anyway. He quickly curtseyed to both of them and exited the room noticing that Mr. Steve was already rolling over on Ms. Brenda and she was offering no resistance. As he scurried down the hall to the kitchen, his mind was on breakfast. His training at Madam Rebecca's had taught him to concentrate on the task at hand and block out other thoughts lest he finds his way into a punishment dress and plenty of time in the corner. Oh how he hated to have to hold that dime in the corner with his nose for hours while the rest of the sissies got to serve Madam and her guests. And oh the time he dropped the dime, he should never forget the rage brought on him by disrespecting Madam's order to hold it there with his nose. The mere thought of that incident sent shivers up and down his spine. No, he would think only about the task at hand, do his best to please his two superiors and hope for praise. Praise was the lifeblood of a true sissy, nothing would feel better than to hear those kind words and see that look on the face of one so impressed with his work as to speak and show it out loud and especially in front of others. Yes praise was what a sissy lived for and Tammie was no exception.
Once in the kitchen he set about preparing the breakfast and setting the table, for two. Though he hungered for some of the food as heprepared it especially as the fragrance whiffed to his nostrils but he knew better than to take such liberties. It was simply not proper for a sissy to overstep his bounds, not even by an inch. He put place mats down first and wrapped the silverware in cloth napkins. He put a center piece of flowers on the table and made sure everything was aligned and perfect. Then just as the meal was about ready he hurried back to Ms. Brenda's bedroom and knocked. Soon the replay came to enter which he did providing a curtsey to both of them and informing Ms. Brenda that breakfast was ready at their convenience.  Another lesson he had learned at Madam Rebecca's, a sissy never assumes others should meet his schedule but rather that they are informed of the situation so they may make their own schedule.
Ms. Brenda and Mr. Steve were famished having expelled a great deal of energy over the last twelve hours, so they did not dally in getting to the table. Both arrived in bathrobes not bothering to shower or get dressed before they ate. Ms. Brenda was impressed with the table setting and said so which warmed Tammie's heart. Ms. Brenda being so new to this had no idea of the depth that Tammie had been trained and so such simple things were unexpected by her. Mr. Steve paid little attention to the effort put forth as most real men don't.  The artistic effect escaped him in his quest for food.
Having sat, Tammie served them their coffee knowing what Ms. Brenda liked in hers, cream and two sugars he placed that in and stirred it carefully before her. As he served Mr. Steve, he asked, "Mr. Steve, Sir, how do you prefer your coffee?"
"Black and hot," came the reply.
After serving the coffee Tammie served up the rest of the food then retreated to the wall and placed his feet together, folded his hands on his apron and hung his head with eyes downcast to the floor. Steve noticed this and smiled at Ms. Brenda who returned a very coy smile to him.
They chatted about how wonderful the evening had been and Ms. Brenda was quite open about how good she felt and how much she enjoyed Mr. Steve's manhood. She told him that she had to admit he was the best man she had ever been to bed with by far and did not regret for one second his being there. Mr. Steve repaid the compliments with many of his own to her going on about her talents and abilities and how much fun she was to make love too. Both Ms. Brenda and Mr. Steve had two motives for this talk. The first reason being to compliment a great lover that they had both enjoyed and the second to make it quite plain to Tammie what his status was. Both were quite effective in their
Mr. Steve raised his coffee cup toward Tammie who instantly fetched the coffee pot and refilled his cup. Mr. Steve did not bother thanking or acknowledge Tammie in any way, Tammie regained his position against the wall and in a short while Ms. Brenda did the same with her cup. As Tammie refreshed her cup and added a bit more sugar and cream she said, "Tammie, this is a splendid breakfast, you did very well this morning."
Then Mr. Steve spoke, "Yes Tammie, I must admit the food is delicious and cooked perfectly."
This surprised Tammie and delighted him at the same time. Mr. Steve had not paid much positive attention to Tammie and Tammie felt as though he must hate him or at least despise him. He knew that some men loathed sissies and found them to be of no use. He had feared that Mr. Steve may be one of these men. But now as he stood against the wall he felt better having received that compliment and that also made him think of the previous evening when Ms. Brenda had instructed him to fluff Mr. Steve in preparation for her. He distinctly recalled how Mr. Steve had relaxed and laid back and was content to enjoy the fluffing process seemingly not being in any hurry to end it. A slight smile crossed over Tammie's face but was unnoticed by the two lovers.
Mr. Steve suddenly noticed the little table against the wall and asked, "Brenda sweets, what on earth is that little table for?"
"Oh that, that's Tammie's table, that's where Tammie sits when he eats."
"I see, that sounds perfectly sensible. You really would not want him sitting at a table for adults now would you?"
"Well, I have learned that a sissy is a servant and when a servant feels they are equal to their owner then there are problems. So as a reminder of his status Tammie has different items to use than I or my guests do, it helps him deal with his position better. In fact Steve if you are done with your plate may I have it?"
"Surely you are not going to clear the table when you have a sissy maid standing by to do that for you, I have better ideas for your time than that?"
"No, Steve, I am not going to clear the table, now if you are done, will you please pass me your plate?"
Steve did as she asked but with a question on his face as he did it. Ms. Brenda took Steve's plate and scraped the food left on his over to hers. She then called Tammie to her and handed him the plate with her silverware on it and said, "Here you are my sweet sissy maid cuckold, here is your breakfast, you may eat now. Steve and I are going to take a shower together and we may be awhile but when we are done Mr. Steve will be leaving (Mr. Steve got a very disappointed look on his face at these words) and you and I are going shopping. So I want you to clean up and then change from your maids dress into your male pants and shirt. But leave your breast pads in and remove all of your makeup and finger nail polish."
Tammie curtseyed to her and replied with "Yes Ma'am, right away Ma'am."
She then rose and was followed by Mr. Steve who glanced back to see Tammie sitting at the table eating their left over's. The vision sent fire into his loins and his manhood began to respond as they headed to the shower where the two spent the next half hour cleaning up and doing other things that only two hot lovers can do in a shower.
While Tammie went about her kitchen duties across town Ms Baldwin and her daughter Lisa had also finished breakfast and was still in discussions about the previous day's events. Ms. Baldwin had made a great deal of progress in getting her daughter interested in learning more and suggested she call Madam Rebecca and set up an appointment.
Lisa was all for it, her curiosity being peaked so Ms. Baldwin made the call.
"Good morning Sissie, this is Ms. Baldwin, is Madam available? Hello Madam Rebecca, this is Crystal Baldwin, yes I am fine and how are you? That's good to hear. Listen, I have my daughter Lisa her and she has been experiencing some man problems. Yes it is sad. But yesterday she witnessed a demonstration of Tammie being put into a punishment dress and spanked. She has also listened to Brenda Moore talk about some of her preliminary training of Tammie and is interested in discussing this with you. Would you possibly be available to speak with her and maybe take her under your wing for a short period? Wonderful, yes we can be there in an hour. Ok Madam, thank you very much, I deeply appreciate your time. Yes we will see you soon."
As Ms. Baldwin and Lisa made the drive to Madam Rebecca's home Ms. Baldwin answered questions for Lisa about Madam Rebecca and how she had met her and how she had helped her. It was a story of mentoring which had resulted in Ms. Baldwin transforming from a door mat to a powerful respected woman.  The transformation had taken place just after Lisa had left home to go to college and so she had not been part of the event of the recipient of the benefits of it that is until now.
When they arrived at the door, they were met by a sissy maid in formal French Maids attire. He introduced himself as Sissy Maid Tabitha. He curtseyed to both of them and informed them that Madam was expecting them and to please follow him to where she was at.
As they traveled through the house, they saw several other maids all dressed in working maid's uniforms scurrying about scrubbing floors and walls and dusting furniture. Soon they entered Madam's office. Madam was quite pleased to see them and be introduced to Lisa. Sissy Maid Tabitha was told to bring Sissie and was then excused. Tabitha curtsied a proper curtsey to each one of them before leaving to get Sissie.
Madam's office was plush and feminine in nature, it appeared to be an office of a powerful executive and one felt slightly intimidated by it at first. But the genuine femininity of it warmed a person as they sat there and soon the comfort increased. It was not long before Sissie appeared and was introduced to Lisa and re acquainted with Ms. Baldwin. Sissie was dressed in a pretty secretarial outfit consisting of a lavender dress with matching five inch heels. The dress was lined in lace and had small bows all across the hem and around the neck line. His waist was pinched quite nicely surely from strict corseting and his legs were shapely, no doubt from the constant wearing of the five inch heels. At the mention of each name Sissie provided a deep curtsey executed in a fashion that made it clear that this sissy had a great deal of practice at such displays of manners.
Sissie was told to take a seat, which he did, brushing his dress under him, crossing his legs at the knee and folding his hands on his lap lady like in every respect.
Madam Rebecca began, "Lisa, this is Sissie, my husband of 29 years. As you can see he has little resemblance to a man and that is on purpose. You see my dear males are good for two things, fun and service. But like most things in life you can have versatility or perfection. They seldom if ever come in the same package. This is especially true of males. Sissie here is a sissy, obviously but he did not start out that way. He was what one would refer to as a man's man, aggressive and powerful but also arrogant and not very useful once the sex was over. I loved him too much to lose him and I could not stand him when he was not providing me with sex so I learned how to turn him into a useful
and pleasant creature."
As Madam spoke so frankly and openly in front of Sissie, Lisa wondered about Sissie's reactions. She glanced back and forth between the two but found no tell tale disagreement on Sissie's face. He simply sat there all feminized and listened to Madam speak.
"You see dear, many women think it cruel to turn a male into a sissy like I have done but they could not be more wrong. Males are basically lost souls who prey upon the perceived weak. We women often portray a vision of weakness which encourages them. We do this by being giving and submitting to their desires with the incorrect thought that by doing this we will gain their respect and/or their love. It just does not work that way. The male needs to please, he needs to serve. Think of all the typical male jobs, military, police, government, etc. There is always an established hierarchy with ranks and orders. Rewards for achieving goals and demerits for not.  Yet as women we think they can operate without this system and be put fully in charge in a marriage. It does not work. Female led marriages have the highest success rate of all marriages and they do so for a very good reason. There are expectations in place for the male to meet. He is expected to serve, obey, love, worship and honor his female owner and yes I do mean owner. You must understand that woman owns a male not the other way around. Yes I know the stories of Shakes and Pharaohs who owned a hundred women some of them wives and the rest concubines. But think of those women, they were held prisoners and forced to obey or be killed or their families killed. This was not of free will. Now, look around this house, do you see any guards? Do you see a high fence keeping these males here? No, every one of them is here because they want to be here, they benefit from being here and they know they are becoming better people from being here. I have asked Sissie to join us so you can ask him direct questions and get direct answers. In fact I have some business I must tend to so I will leave the three of you here to talk and then I will be back in a little bit."
As Madam arose Sissie did as well and curtseyed to her as she left the room and then sat back down as he had before. Ms. Baldwin looked at Lisa as if to say, "Well ask him something."
Lisa feeling a bit awkward asked Sissie, "Are you really truly happy being treated as a sissy all the time?"
"Yes Ma'am, I would not want to try to be a man again. Madam has taught me so much about giving and pleasing and having experienced the rewards of doing so has made me a better person and provided me with an understanding that macho is a disease and not something to be proud of. How can one be so rude and over bearing and get the pleasure that I can from being soft and feminine and giving and seeing people happy?"
"Do you miss being a man at all?"
"No, not at all, I actually have come to loath most masculine things. They seem rough and crude to me now. I love the feel of my silky smooth skin and soft luscious clothing that I get to wear. It is so much more fun doing girl stuff and it really makes me wonder why women don't do more of it?"
"Like what kind of stuff do you think women should do more of?"
"Oh like wearing more frills and lace and lots of petticoats and tight corsets and high heels, they are just so nice to wear and look and feel so wonderful."
"Really, what is so fun about wearing a corset or even a bra for that matter or five inch heels like you have on now, my feet would be killing me?"
"Oh Ms. Lisa, a bra is divine, it is as though Mistress had her arms around me and was hugging me all the time. Each time I move and feel the pull of the bra it makes me think of just that. And my corset, well, I just simply could not be without it. I love the way it squeezes me and reminds me that I am not a man and that my movements are limited. It keeps my posture correct and is a constant reminder that I am lovingly owned by a most powerful woman that others would die to be owned by. Now my heels, oh I just don't understand why everyone does not want to wear high heels. They look so fantastic and make my bottom stick out a bit for show. They also make me concentrate on my walk keeping my thoughts centered where they belong. But when I sit and hang one leg over the other and see that high heel dangling from my foot, it sends waves of feminine desires through my body making me want to be as much a lady as possible for a mere male to be."
Lisa sat there stunned. It was quite obvious that at least this sissy was deeply in love with whom he had become. She thought he would cry if he was told he could not be a sissy. She sat in silence for a moment and then got the courage to ask the really hard question.
"You are a cuckold right? How do you feel about that, having other men go to bed with your wife and please her while you cannot?"
Sissie smiled back at her and said, "Well first I must humbly correct an error you made. You said "other men." I am not a man, I am a sissy. But to answer the question I am very proud to be married to a woman who is so sexual and so sexually desirable.  Men love to make love to her and they feel very good after wards at having pleased her. She too is very happy after being with a great lover and she glows from the experience. I know I am incapable of providing those pleasures to her. Since I claim to love her and I certainly do, would it not be selfish of me to deny her of such pleasures unless I could provide them myself? How could I claim to love her and knowingly cause her to miss out on pleasure, relaxation, fun, and the calming effect that sex has on women? I truly believe that women need to have sex on a very regular basis for physical and mental health so it is not possible for me to love her and not want to be her cuckold or not be proud to be her cuckold."
Lisa just sat there shaking her head in disbelieve. How could a male be trained so thoroughly as to be this unselfish and loving? How could he be so true and so dedicated she wondered?
Ms. Baldwin then asked, "Sissie, how many males has Madam trained and what percentage is happy or better off from it?"
Sissie thought a moment and said, "That is a difficult question to answer accurately. Madam has personally trained around a hundred males in person over the years and that means having actual physical contact with them, some here and many at their homes or meeting places. She has trained maybe a thousand more through the mail over the phone and e-mail. But she has affected many thousands more through her groups, writings and advice that we have no way of knowing what that number is but know it does exist because occasionally one will write and thank her for her advice or writings saying how it has helped. And as far as how successful the training is I would have to say a qualified 100%. By that I mean that I think that any male or female who has ever applied her teachings is better off. They are all better, more understanding, nicer, more confident persons than they were before."
Madam Rebecca now returned and asked Ms. Baldwin and Ms. Lisa to accompany her on her rounds of sissy inspection. Lisa still thinking about the conversation with Sissie was enthralled by the process and quickly leapt to her feet to see more of Madam's training.
Back across town, Mr. Steve was leaving and Tammie thanked him once again for making love to Ms. Brenda, his spanking and for being permitted to serve him. It was humbling to say the least for Tammie but a well-needed exercise for a sissy wife to be in Ms. Brenda's estimation. Mr. Steve kissed Ms. Brenda a deep lasting kiss goodbye and said he would see her next week as Tammie stood therewith head bowed.
 Tammie was ready to leave with Ms. Brenda and she handed him a coat so he could disguise his jutting breasts better as they went out. She also handed him a garment bag and a large purse. Ms. Brenda had plans to take Tammie to a seamstress she had spoken to earlier in the week. Unknown to Tammie was that his white communion dress was in the garment bag and his matching heels were in the large purse. He knew better than to ask questions but still wondered where Ms. Brenda was taking him and what new adventure awaited him when he got there.
Ms. Brenda on the other hand was almost giddy with excitement having enjoyed a fabulous lover and was now about to put her cross-dressed boyfriend into a dress modeling situation that he surely would find just as embarrassing. Just the thought of Tammie being exposed to several strange women being measured and fitted for a new custom dress was stimulating her sexuality. "Ah," she thought, "this is the only way to live."

The Curtsey Part IV
By Sissy Smith
Madam Rebecca led her two guests through the house providing an explanation for what each sissy was doing and why.  The first sissy they came to was inside a closet! His name had been Ben but it was now Bunny or Sissy Bunny as he was to say. Sissy Bunny was fastened to a bench in the closet.  Straps held him securely in place. He was wearing a corset which seemed excessively tight to Lisa along with a bra, panties, nylons and high heels. In his mouth was a dildo that pulsated in and out as well as turned in a fluid motion inside his mouth. Lisa could see that it pushed against various parts of his mouth as it worked. 
In front of him was a screen with videos playing. As they sequenced through Lisa noticed that they varied from sissies enjoying themselves with real men to photos of a woman enjoying great sex with a variety of Black lovers. She was quite vocal and expressing how great it was to finally have a real man for a lover her hopes to become impregnated by one of these virile and real men!  Sissy Bunny had ear phones on so he could only hear what the screen was playing making him oblivious too outside sounds.
Madam Rebecca pointed out that Sissy Bunny was one of the minority of cases she handled of resistant males and explained that he was a hard case. He had been brought to her by Ms. Elizabeth.  Ms. Elizabeth was Ben's wife and she had caught him cheating on her. So Bunny was being force trained to accept his new position in Ms. Elizabeth's life. She also explained that the woman on the screen enjoying the heck out of the Black cocks was Ms. Elizabeth. Each week she updated her conquests of hard Black cock and Madam Rebecca's staff added it to the portfolio of items for Sissy Bunny to watch and listen too. Madam Rebecca said that the other videos of sissies were to teach Sissy Bunny how to act and what he would look like and be doing from now on.
Lisa noticed another dildo lying next to the screen with a tube extending from it and asked what it was for.
Madam Said, "Oh that dear that is his feeding tube, three times a day he is permitted to eat. To eat he must suck all of his nutrition through that fake penis. No matter what, he gets nothing unless it comes through the end of that fake cock. This teaches him that cock sucking is his key to life and helps form his mouth along with the exercising dido that is currently inserted. We cycle it for one hour on and one hour off and he feeds between cycles if the time is appropriate. He is allowed two rest periods of half hour each 12 hours apart where he can clean up take care of personal needs etc. and then back to the bench.  You will note the electric collar he wears around his neck (Madam pulled back the hair of his wig so the two ladies could view it) and another one attached here (she pulled at his panties so they could see another partial device locked where his testicles should be). These are connected so when we use the shocker it hits him in two places."
Lisa cringed at this and asked why they had to shock him?
Madam Rebecca smiled and replied, "Oh my dear we don't have to shock him, if he gets shocked it's because he wants to get shocked."
"Well why would he do that?" Lisa asked startled.
Madam smiled again and said, "Lisa dear, he does that when he chooses not to listen or obey. We are quite clear here in what we expect from our clients. They are here to be reformed and turned into pleasant useful creatures capable and ready to serve their superiors. They are also here to learn that their joy in life comes only from doing that. It is very carefully explained to them and some of them choose not to listen or to follow the expectations set forth for them."
Madam Rebecca then asked if they would enjoy a simple exhibition of what she was talking about. Both ladies agreed they were anxious to view such a display.
Madam moved to Sissy Bunny and turned off the screen and video and then removed both his ear phones and mouth exerciser. Sissy bunny licked his dried and stressed lips and tried to get his tongue to relax.
She then picked up an electronic controller that obviously activated both shocking devices. Then smiling she patted Sissy Bunny on the head and said, "Sissy Bunny, we have Ms. Lisa and Ms. Crystal here to observe you. They think this is a marvelous way to train a male and I want you to tell them how much you agree with them."
Sissy Bunny cleared his throat and said, "Yes It's a great way to train a male, Ma'am." Madam was certainly not pleased with such a short and un-descript remark so she laid down on the shocker button giving him a fifteen-second blast at number four intensity. Sissy Bunny howled and strained at his restraints but all to no avail. When that segment had finished, Madam said. "That answer is sorely inadequate and you will get a second chance to do it right after this and gave him more of the same." Lisa's eyes glassed over at how easy it was to apply such torment to a full-grown man and him be unable to do anything about it. It actually made her wet and she looked around as if to see if anyone else had noticed her condition.
In the meantime Madam said, "Ok Sissy Bunny, I hope you do a much better job this time because if you don't I may decide to have a contest and see which one of us can extract the loudest howls from you, do you understand?"
"Oh Yes Ma'am, I am sorry Ma'am, I will do it right Ma'am. This is an excellent way to train a bad male by converting him into a wonderful sissy. It makes him understand what he is good for and allows him to learn to appreciate how wonderful, important and special his wife is. He gets to share her joy of being with other men and learning how ineffective he was at pleasing her. He gets to exercise his mouth so he can put it to good use pleasing her lovers or just entertaining her and her friends. And of course there is the great joy in learning to wear feminine garments and re shape my body to a more pleasing and suitable form. I just love the treatment and am so looking forward to becoming a useful and pleasant sissy to serve my wonderful beautiful wife and her lovers. Thank you very, very much Madam Rebecca for helping me to become this person."
Lisa's eyes were still glazed over. She loved the idea of the control and helplessness this big strong man was experiencing. Madam Rebecca and Ms. Crystal both noticed the look on Lisa's face and Ms. Crystal winked at Madam.
Madam said, "Lisa dear it's time for his anal training would you like to give it to him?"
Lisa just nodded her head confirming that she would like to do it.
Madam said, "Ok Lisa put this on." Madam then handed her an eight inch Black strap on dildo. Lisa looked at it and her eyes grew very wide and wicked smile crossed her face. The two other two ladies assisted Lisa in getting into the harness as she had never worn a strap on before.  The closet was walled with mirrors so the sissy in training could see how he looked at all times and never escape his own image as a sissy. This also provided a perfect reflection of Ms. Lisa and her jutting eight-inch Black cock thrusting from her hips. She fondled it as if it were a real cock and smiled when she did.  Madam then lubed up the dildo and handed the electronic controller to Lisa and said, "When you are ready you can reach down and squeeze these balls and they will shoot a liquid out the end o the cock, just like a real one. You can get about three good shots but save it for the right time. Just pressing it against him usually won't make any come out. Now tell him to beg you to fuck his sissy ass and use this if you are not fully satisfied with his begging."
Ms. Lisa then ordered Sissy Bunny, "Sissy Bunny beg me to fuck you and do it well or else." Sissy Bunny had no way of knowing that no matter how much he begged or how good a job he did Ms. Lisa was going to find fault. She wanted to shock this male and make him squirm and jump and plead for mercy. The prior scene had triggered her dominant genes and she was now ready to control men as they had controlled her for so long. She knew in her mind she was ready for this and no longer would tolerate any male looking down on her or mistreating her. She would get her respect now no matter what.
Madam already sensed this in Lisa. Her experience and seeing the awakening of so many women to their natural dominance over the years provided her with great insight as to what triggers or inspires a woman to take full charge of males and never look back.
Sissy Bunny still thinking of the previous two shockings did his best. "Oh please Ms. Lisa, Please fuck me. I am a sissy and I need to be fucked and I would love to be fucked by you. I want to feel you big hard Black cock in me and making me do what you want. It would be such an honor and privileged to be fucked by you Ma'am, Please do me do me now, Please Ma'am."
ZZZZZZZZZZZZ came the response from Ms. Lisa who had turned the controller up to number five intensity, the highest level and allowed it to stay on the 30 seconds. Sissy Bunny strained and howled and screamed like a little girl as the 30 seconds dragged on and on for him. But it was too soon over for Ms. Lisa so when it stopped she pushed it again and put him under extreme control. Sweat poured from him as he tried to stand the pain being inflected to his neck and groin. He cried and screamed even more like a little girl with very high pitched shrieks and tears flowing freely. Madam put her hand on Lisa's to break her spell and allow Sissy Bunny some relief.
Madam then said, "Sissy Bunny I think you better please her this time with your begging if you know what's good for you."
Sissy Bunny with tears flowing and a lump in his throat weekly said, "Oh my Goddess Ms. Lisa I would so much love to be your fuck toy I want to please you by bucking and thrusting against your wonderful beautiful hard Black cock that looks so wonderful jutting out from your goddess like beautiful body. I want to feel the strength in your hands as you grab my hips and penetrate me like the little pansy I am. I want you to penetrate me to help me become a better person and learn to take real men so I can also please my beautiful and wonderful wife Ms. Elizabeth. I hope that your taking me will help me to better please the lovers that Ms. Elizabeth brings home for me to service. Oh please Ma'am I really, really want you to fuck my brains out and turn me into a sissy bimbo, please Ma'am, I beg you."
With this Ms. Lisa had a climax. The thrill of the power of full control of a male and making him totally helpless and begging caused her to climax from purely mental stimulation. Madam did not like to abuse her sissies but Sissy Bunny was, after all, a hard case and this extra effort seemed to have accomplished two things. First it was the best begging that she had ever heard from Sissy Bunny and second it had provided the catalyst to launch a new female dominant into the world of controlling males for feminine pleasure.
But her fun was not yet over. Madam instructed her to now penetrate and fuck Sissy Bunny to a climax. She looked at Madam as if to question the reality of bringing a male to a climax when sexed as a woman. But Madam just nodded her head and motioned for her to proceed.

Sissy Bunny was very emotional at this point. He had said things that he could not take back. He had made admissions he could not reverse. And it was all recorded and would become part of the training tapes he would hear over and over multiple times each day along with the other training aids. He was in effect helping bring about his own demise as a male and his resurrection as a feminized sissy servant.

The Curtsey (8)

After work on the ride home he informed Ms. Brenda of Ms. Baldwin's request. Ms. Brenda thought it would be fine and told Tammie to inform Ms. Baldwin the next day that yes he would be glad to bring his punishment dress to work on Friday and stay after.
He then told Ms. Brenda about the conversation he had with the office girls at lunch time. It concerned Ms. Brenda but she decided not to mention her concern to Tammie. She just told him that what she and Tammie did was private and that he probably would be better off not sharing those things with everybody. But the conversation did concern her and she thought she better discuss the event with Ms. Baldwin the next day.
Tammie hurriedly changed and put on his makeup and nail polish and seemed to be a more relaxed and content person once feminized. Ms. Brenda was right back on the computer until dinner and then again after dinner as Tammie did housework and laundry.
At 9:00 PM Tammie went to bed and was allowed to keep his makeup on this time but reminded it would have to be removed before work in the morning. The next day at work Ms. Brenda requested a meeting with Ms. Baldwin and informed her of the prior day's events in the lunch room. She too had some concern that the girls found out that fast. But she told Ms. Brenda not to worry about it.
At lunch the girls asked how Ms. Brenda was and if there was any news on the exact date yet. Tommy spilled the beans when he said, "No he had to pass certain tests before Ms. Brenda would commit to a date but she had told him if he did it would be in two months.
This really got the girls curiosity and imagination up and they wanted to know what tests he had to do and maybe they could help him pass them. The problem was that even Tommy did not know what the tests were and he told them that. They were all disappointed by this news hoping they would get another juicy tidbit of information to gossip about behind Tommy's back.
Ms. Baldwin happened to be in a stall in the ladies room when two of the girls came in and were talking about Tommy. She could see this was going to escalate and decided it was time to deal with it. When she exited the stall the two girls were surprised and embarrassed as they knew they had spoken loud enough to be plainly heard. Ms. Baldwin just looked at them and said, "I want every one of the office girls in my office at 3:00PM today for a special meeting. I will send Tommy on an errand just before 3:00PM and then you all better be right in my office and if you want to keep your jobs you will make sure that Tommy knows nothing about any of this."
Just before 3:00PM Ms. Baldwin called Tommy in and sent him to the other side of the building on a task that would take an hour or so of file research. The five other girls hurriedly entered Ms. Baldwin's office and were instructed to close the door.
She started by saying, "There are some nasty rumors floating around here about Tommy. Tommy is one of the sweetest boys I have ever known and a real pleasure to work with. He respects women unlike most men and is always kind and decent. I think enough of Tommy to fire any person who spreads rumors or hurts him. He has been taken under Brenda Shelly's wing and she plans to marry him and to let him be the kind and loving person he is. It will be a good marriage and Tommy will be very happy and none of you better mess with it or spoil anything for either of them. If you take my advice you will do all you can to help and support Tommy. He is not like real men (a slip of the tongue on her part) but it's too bad more males are not like him, we would be much better off if they were. You can learn a lot from Tommy and be a real
friend to him or you can choose not to be his friend for which there will be consequences. Now are there any questions?"
"Yes Ms. Baldwin, we just want to know if he is being petticoated, you know sissified?"
Ms. Baldwin took a breath and had hoped this question would not come up. But it had and so she told them straight out, "Yes he is his mother sent him to a school where they do that sort of thing to boys in trouble to keep them from getting into worse trouble. It is very effective and it helped Tommy a lot. In fact he probably would have ended up in jail if it had not been for the schooling he received. That is where I found him and hired him because of his wonderful demeanor. But it also changes males by taking away the bad male characteristics such as aggression, rudeness and boldness. They become followers and timid and need strong person to watch and guide them. He has found that in Brenda and she will follow the schools format and yes he will become more and more feminized in the process. He in effect will become the
wife in the relationship and be very happy in that position especially if those around him support him. Any other questions?"
"Yes I have one, what can we do to help, we all do like Tommy a lot and don't want to hurt him?"
Ms. Baldwin said, "Well the first thing to do is to protect him. Make sure that no one harasses him or does anything to him that would hurt his feelings. He doesn't want anything from any of you and in fact would be happy to do anything you asked him too. This whole thing is just now transpiring and so it's all new to everyone and so patience is needed. Support him, build his confidence as his femininity grows and treat him like one of the girls and for now that will be a huge help. But most of all I will look very dimly on anyone who harms him in any way. If you do help and support him through all of this you may be able to be a part of his life and I am sure each of you would really get a big kick out of that so there are rewards if you play along. Now do I get your cooperation?"
All the office girls agreed and knew that to be a part of the whole thing would be a lot more fun and interesting so they all knew it was in their favor. Beside they knew that Ms. Baldwin was a no nonsense manager and she would indeed fire a person that crossed her.
Ms. Baldwin had a short meeting with Brenda latter that day and informed her of the meeting she had with the office girls. Brenda said that she would have preferred to keep it a secret but understood that Tommy had made that impossible. "Besides," she told Ms. Baldwin, "maybe they can be of help if we work it right."
Ms. Baldwin was agreeable and expressed that if the office girls could be included they would probably do just about anything to get their noses into it. Brenda smiled and said, "Guess that's just how we women are?" and they both laughed in agreement.
Friday had rolled around and Tammie had his punishment outfit in the car and was excited about putting it on after work. A good punishment, especially one carried out in front of others, was something true sissies thoroughly enjoyed and needed. Yes they cried and it hurt to be spanked but the after math was like a couple making up after a fight. It was just good for whatever reason. And a sissy needed it for whatever that same reason was.
The girls were now being extra nice to Tommy and giving him advice on dieting and exercises. One of the girls even gave him her Jane Fonda exercise tapes telling him, "These are not just for women, lots of guys use them too, and they are especially helpful in creating a nice figure." Another one of the girls had found out that Tommy was doing the cooking so she brought him a pile of magazines that were all women's magazines but had recipes in the back. She said, "Here Tommy, there are some very nice recipes in here that should surprise and please Ms. Brenda and a bunch of other very interesting articles as well." The other articles were all on fashion, hair, makeup and nails but the magazines were presented in a harmless way. Tommy was very happy that they all cared so much and thought it was all about helping him make his marriage to Ms. Brenda possible rather than any of them really knowing what was going on.
Just as everybody was clocking out Ms. Baldwin called Tommy to her office under the pretense of a problem with one of his files. The ruse was good enough that not one of the office girls caught on in their hurry to get out of there for the weekend. Ms. Baldwin's daughter, Lisa, arrived in her mother's office.  After she was sure all the office girls had left she told Tommy to go and get his things and change into Tammie in his punishment outfit. Lisa looked at her mother with a question on her face. Ms. Baldwin just smiled at her and said, "You will see and hopefully you will learn how to deal with your man problems."
Just after that, Ms. Brenda arrived and Ms. Baldwin introduced her to her daughter and told Brenda that Tammie was getting ready. Ms. Brenda smiled from ear to ear at both ladies and said, "This should be fun."

The Curtsey Part III
By Sissy Smith
As the three ladies sat and waited for Tammie to appear, they got to know each other better and Lisa was brought up to speed on Tammie's situation.  Lisa found the whole thing really hard to believe and thought that this really was some kind of joke her mother was pulling on her.
Ms. Brenda then changed the subject to inform Ms. Baldwin that she had a lot more in store for Tammie when they got home. She said she had been working on finding a lover to cuckold Tammie with and found one.
Ms. Baldwin said, "Is it anyone I know?"
"Yes, maybe, it's Steve Gates from the engineering department, do you know him?"
"Yes I do, well I don't really KNOW him but I know who he is. He seems a very aggressive guy and not bad looking either. How did you manage to get him involved or exactly just how involved is he? We are not going to have any issues here in the company, are we? He isn't going into this with his eyes closed is he Brenda?"
Brenda smiled at her and said, "Let me tell you all about it because it's really kind of neat the way it happened and I am very proud of how I pulled this off. He has been asking me out for months and I kept turning him down just for the reason you said, he's really aggressive and I didn't want any man telling me what to do or how to do it. But two days ago he heard I was planning to get married to Tommy and he thought he should taunt me over it. So he comes up to me and says, "I hear your going to marry Tommy Peterson"  "I said yes that is right, what about it?" He smiles a coy smile at me and says, "Do you really think he is going to be able to take care of your needs?"
"I smiled back at him and said, "Yes he has a decent job and I have a good one so we will be fine. He looks disgusted and says, "Not those needs, your womanly needs, do you really think he is man enough to keep you satisfied, I mean my God, he is almost a woman himself, he works as a secretary and works with women all day doing women's work!"
"I said, yes I know what he does and whom he works with and what are you saying, that you could take care of me better than him? He smiles back with a look of arrogance and says, "Yea, I'd bet my life on it." He then moves into me and takes me and kisses me on the lips. So as he is doing that I run my hand down his body and feel his cock! Wow was it hard and big to, a lot bigger and harder than Tommy's ever got. Oh I was ready to try it out right there but I broke the kiss and said, you know Steve, I know Tommy may not be the man in bed you are and I am not saying that I might not be interested in having a man for that purpose but he would have to prove a few things first. "Like what he said?" Well like being a real man and not just a stud. Which meant Steve would have to be man enough to understand that Tommy will make a fine companion and that I love him and that I can separate love from sex. "Ya go on, he said.""
"So let's say that Tommy is really less of a man than you even think, and let's say I wanted a real man in bed from time to time that had something more like this. And I grabbed his hard cock and gave it a good hard squeeze, just to keep him interested of course."
At this both Lisa and Ms. Baldwin smiled and nodded their heads and said "Of course."
Brenda then continued, "So I say to him, what if I wanted to make Tommy a cuckold how would feel about that? He smiles and says, "I could help you with that. I have done lots of married women and a few in front of their husbands and I have no issues with it at all." I smile back at him and say, ya, but have you ever controlled their husbands? Have you ever made them do things or obey you? He gets a serious look on his face and backs off just a bit and says, "What kind of things?" I smile back at him again and toy with his shirt button and say, things like making them wash your car while you did their wife or polish your shoes? Cook and serve you dinner before being sent to turn down the bed? Or other things like clean up after or prep before? He moves back into me and says, "Why your one kinky lady aren't you?" Then he gets serious again and says, "You messing with me? Is this all a gag or what?"  I look him in the eyes and grab his cock again through his pants and kiss him hard. And when I break the kiss I say to him, no I am dead serious about this but only if you think you are man enough. Tommy is a sissy. He was professionally trained to serve and obey and be a cuckold. I told him he had to pass some tests before I would marry him and being cuckolded is one of them. Now tell me Stevey, do you think you are up to the task because this says you are? And I squeezed his hard cock again almost driving me crazy.  I wanted it so bad."
"Steve looks at me and says very confidently, "Ya I am up to it, but let me get this straight, if I dominate the little pansy I can have you most anytime I want you. You will be my fuck mate forever?" Well now Steve forever is a long time and I can't guarantee that any more than you can guarantee that you will be able to please me the way I want forever. But I will tell you this. The better job you do of dominating him and helping me train him further as a sissy maid cuckold and in pleasuring me, the more sex you will get from me. Steve smiled and kissed me back and grabbed my ass with both hands and pressed his hard cock into my belly.  When he broke the kiss, he asked how and when we were to get started.  I told him that Friday night about 8:00 P.M. and that Tammie was going to be putting on a submissive display prior to that and would be in an extra submissive mood. I also told him that part of the display involved Tommy who we would be calling Tammie, getting a spanking and I wanted him to start out by spanking him as well. He raised an eyebrow and said, "Do you think there will be any issues with getting that done, I, mean is there going to be a fight from him?" I just laughed and said he will be as helpless as a rag doll and my God Steve, I hope you're not afraid of a sissy like Tammie, I mean if you are, what the hell, I might as well go looking elsewhere for a lover. He's a sissy, and he wears panties and bras and high heels for gosh sakes. Steve looked surprised and asked, "You serious he really is a total panty waste?" I shook my head yes and then warned him I would not tolerate him beating or really hurting Tammie. I reminded him I loved Tammie and wanted to be married to him."
"He said, "Why in the hell would you marry a pansy like that, I don't get it?" I said Yes I know you don't get it but most women and that includes me don't like to be run over by aggressive men like you. Sure we like to take a tumble in the hay with you but not all the time, I would probably cut something off. No, Tammie is not a real man, but he will make me a fine wife and maid and with that I can have all of the lovers I want so tell me just how would I improve on that Mr. Smarty pants? He got a blank look and said, "Well when you put it that way and it makes sense. Ok So I see you at 8:00 on Friday, give me your address." I did and now we will see how it goes tonight. Yes this is just going to be a warm up for our dear sweet Tammie."
Lisa now sat with her mouth open. She seemed to be speechless and her Mother told her to close her mouth before the flies flew in. She did with a startled look on her face and looked at both her mother and Brenda like she was in a daze. Then she spoke, "You two are serious about this, you really are doing this to this guy? What does he say about it?"
Brenda took her hand and placed it on Lisa's smiling and said, "Oh he loves it and yes we are doing this and he will get over all of it even if it takes a little getting used to for him. He is a sissy and sissies like, no, they love to be treated like this. I know it's hard to believe and I really have only known about all this for a week myself so I know what you're thinking but you're wrong. You need to meet Madam Rebecca and if you ever do anything in your life get your mother to take you there and get some real education on how to control and treat men!"
Lisa looked at her mother and Ms. Baldwin, said, "Yes Brenda I think you are right, I think a trip to Madam Rebecca's would do her wonders." Lisa looked shocked and pulled back in her chair and said, "I am not going to any whore house mother, you can forget that!"
Brenda and Ms. Baldwin laughed so hard they nearly fell off their chairs. Ms. Baldwin upon catching her wind again said, "No dear, she is not a Madam she is so highly respected that she is addressed as Madam. A whore house, I should tell Madam Rebecca that and watch her response, no I won't embarrass you like that, but it would certainly bring down the house with laughter if she heard the story, wouldn't it Brenda?" Brenda acknowledged with a big nod as she was still laughing over the misunderstanding.
Lisa looked at the two of them like they were nuts and was about ready to jump up and run out when they heard Tammie's heels clicking as he came down the hall. As Tammie entered the office, the three ladies were impressed. Ms. Baldwin and Ms. Brenda because of how sissyish he looked and Lisa because she had seen him leave looking like a man and could not believe this was the same person. The transformation from Tommy to Tammie was amazing. For a second she wondered who did it to him but then remembered he left on his own upon her mother's orders. Obviously he was not forced.
He curtseyed to all of them and then Ms. Brenda called him to her. She told him to turn around which he did. She took his left arm first and bent behind his back and tied it in place with one of the ribbons especially for that purpose and then took his right arm and repeated the action. Lisa looked at her mother with an inquisitive look so her mother explained.
"Lisa, this is one of Tammie's punishment dresses. He is to put them on when he is to be spanked. His arms are confined to the rear like this so he has no ability to resist."
Then Ms. Brenda bent down and fastened his two high heels together with a latch that allowed him to move his feet no more than two inches forward or back ward at a time. As Ms. Brenda did this Ms. Baldwin explained to Lisa, "Once these heels are fastened he is pretty well confined and helpless, completely vulnerable to whoever is to administer the punishment. Tammie knows that neither Ms. Brenda nor I would ever abuse this power so as you can see he is very comfortable with this being done to him."
Tammie was now set to be spanked and Ms. Brenda ordered him to present himself to Ms. Baldwin for a spanking. Tammie hobbled his way to her and she stopped him while standing directly in front of her. She then spoke to Tammie.
"As you know my dear, you have done nothing wrong. You are not being punished because you were bad. You are being spanked so that my daughter Lisa here can see how males should be treated. She is in a relation with a man who has no respect for women and she needs to learn how wrong it is to put up with that kind of behavior. Now I am going to spank you hard. Are you Ok with helping Ms. Lisa here with all of this?"
"Oh yes Ma'am, I am so sorry she is having that trouble.  I want to do whatever I can to help out Ma'am."
Ms. Brenda watched as Ms. Baldwin flopped Tammie over her lap and took out a hair brush. As Ms. Baldwin brushed  Tammie's skirt up over his back, slowly but deliberately, Tammie's eyes began to glass over knowing what this meant. And as Ms. Baldwin brushed up Tammie's petticoats exposing his pink sissy panties with white lace on the rear Ms. Brenda leaned over toward Tammie and said, "I am so proud of you sweetie, you're going to make such a fine wife."
Then the swats began to fall as Ms. Baldwin held Tammie in place, slowly at first, but faster and harder as she continued with the spanking. When Ms. Baldwin reached twenty-five she paused and asked, "Do you think it proper for a male to disrespect a woman?"
Tammie already crying said, "No Ms. Baldwin any male who does that should be petticoated and spanked until he sees things correctly."
"How do I know you're not just saying that to get out of more spankings?"
"Oh Ms. Baldwin, I never ever would disrespect a woman. I love women. I want to be like women. You know I wear panties, bras, nylons, corsets, makeup, dresses and high heels every chance I get to show my respect to women. I put on this punishment dress because you asked me and submitted to a spanking in front of Ms. Lisa to show how a properly sissified male should act, oh please Ma'am, please believe me that I would never disrespect a woman they are my superiors and it's my duty to serve and please women, Ma'am."
Ms. Baldwin gave Tammie five more hard swats and paused again. She asked, "So you think its fine for a woman to make all of the decisions and you would never question any of them?"
"Oh no Ma'am, males are too stupid to make the decisions, women should make them all and males should always obey them, always, Ma'am." His bottom really starting to hurt.
Ms. Baldwin laid five more hard ones on him and paused once more. "So if you're Ms. Brenda wants to have a dozen real men as lovers you would be happy to serve them dinners, turn down the bed, wash their cars, iron their laundry, clean them up after sex and then thank them for being allowed to do all of this?"
Tammie did not answer right away. He was sobbing and had to catch his breath but Ms. Baldwin saw it as a stall so laid seven more hard swats on his bottom. His feet were kicking the two inches back and forth and he was wiggling around an amazing amount for being as bound as he was. When Ms. Baldwin paused, Tammie blurted out between sobs, "Oh yes Ms. Baldwin I would be delighted to serve Ms. Brenda and her lovers in any way she wanted. It would be my pleasure to cook and serve them dinner before they spent the night together and to wash her lover's car so it was clean and shinny and I would love to do his laundry and polish his shoes while they enjoyed each other in bed. Yes Ma'am it would me my greatest honor to do all of those things and any others she wanted of me."
Ms. Baldwin then spanked him eight more times for a total of fifty swats but these last swats were much softer than the first ones and as she gave them to him she said, "I hope so Tammie, you know what happens to males who lie, I hope when the time comes, you show as much enthusiasm as possible for the task at hand or I know Ms. Brenda will be very, very disappointed in you."
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am, thank you for the spanking Ma'am."
"Your welcome Tammie now just lay there a few moments while I rub you."
Ms. Baldwin then placed her hands on his nylon encased legs and massaged them being careful not to touch any of the tender areas. She slowly brushed his petticoats back into place and then his skirt. Shortly she assisted him to stand and told him to go to the corner and wait until they were ready to leave. Tammie slowly made his way to the corner as told. Once there Ms. Brenda said, "Tammie bunch up your skirt and petticoats and hold them up so we can view your pretty sissy panties."
Tammie said, "Yes Ma'am, right away Ma'am." And then struggling Tammie managed to do as told much to the amazement of Lisa.
Lisa was impressed if not totally shocked by the entire event. She had no idea why her mother had requested her to come to her office but if she were a betting woman this would have never made the odds.
Ms. Baldwin said, "Lisa, I think we better call Madam Rebecca and get you a visit with her so you can learn how to control men to your advantage. Well actually it's to the males advantage too as you will learn as you get more experience with all of this. Now we better go to dinner so Brenda here can take Tammie on home."
Ms. Brenda approached Tammie and undid the clasp that held his heels together then  she undid the ribbons that held his arms behind his back. She turned him and kissed him and once again said, "Tammie you did very well. I am very proud of you, and you were such a good girl. Look here I brought a coat to put over you so you can stay in your spanking dress for a while longer. Now say goodbye to Ms. Baldwin and Ms. Lisa and thank them both for spanking you and witnessing your spanking."
Tammie looked at the two ladies through mascara run eyes, his face was truly a mess from all the crying and he looked very sad indeed. He managed a smile and said, "Oh yes thank you very, very much Ms. Baldwin for spanking me, I truly appreciate it and know it has helped me become a better and more useful sissy to Ms. Brenda. And thank you very, very much Ms. Lisa for watching me get spanked and I really hope it helps you with your man problems, I am so orry you had to have them."
Both ladies told Tammie he was quite welcome and Lisa even said, "Maybe we can do it again sometime."
Ms. Baldwin raised her eyebrows and smiled at Ms. Brenda with delight in hearing that remark from her daughter. Tammie was sent to the ladies room to refresh his makeup and allow his arms to relax. 
Ms. Brenda then escorted Tammie out to the car; Brenda had big plans, really big plans for all three of them that night and trough the next morning. Steve was aware of some of the plans but Tammie had no idea what was in store for him as he traveled home thinking his hardest job was done for the evening.
Ms. Brenda saw it was already 7:00P.M. and knew there was no way that Tammie would be able to fix dinner in time so she went through a drive through and got a burger and fries for herself and a kid's meal for Tammie.
Tammie was satisfied with the meal, the crying had dehydrated him and he felt much better now. He kept thinking how Ms. Brenda had told him twice in one evening that she was proud of him. He wondered if this was yet another one of her tests and if so he thought that he managed to pass it.
They arrived home at 7:45 P.M. and Brenda was sure that Steve would be exactly on time. She told Tammie she wanted him to stand in the corner and as he did she bent and fastened the latch between his heels making him immobile. She went and freshened up a bit and just sat down when the door bell rang.
Tammie got nervous and asked. "Should I go to another room Ms. Brenda?"
Ms. Brenda replied, "No dear, no one can see you unless I let them in, just stand there like a good little girl and be quiet while I see who is at the door."
Brenda opened the door and found exactly whom she thought she would find, Steve. She smiled at him and invited him in and then wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss. Steve kissed back with lots of tongue and grabbing. He was ready for sex and was not going to slow down. But Brenda had other ideas, he was going to complete a certain discussed task first or he would be going home with blue balls.
Tammie was in a near panic as he stood in the corner perfectly helpless, exposed and with humiliation beginning to run through his body. He wondered what was going on. Why his future wife was kissing this man. He had not seen the man yet but he could hear the making out for sure taking place not more than seven feet away.
After what seemed an eternity Ms. Brenda said, "Tammie turn around and meet our guest." As Tammie turned around and lifted his eyes to see who this man was he recognized him as Steve Gates. Total mortification overcame Tammie as his heart raced and his mind searched for a way out of it as well as trying to comprehend what actually was taking place. His future wife had just invited a coworker in and kissed him like a long lost lover and was now introducing him as Tammie. It was all way too much for Tammie's feeble mind to deal with at one time.
Ms. Brenda then said, "Tammie, I expect a proper greeting of our guest." Her voice was stern and to the point. Tammie tried to execute a curtsey but had forgotten about his heels being locked together and ended up on the floor in a heap. This brought great laughter from Steve. Ms. Brenda ordered Tammie to release his latch so he could walk and curtsey like a proper young lady.
Tammie arose so red faced he looked as though neon red paint had been applied liberally to his face. He was mortified, embarrassed and humiliated all at the same time. Ms. Brenda then spoke again, "Tammie, I expect a proper greeting to Mr. Steve here immediately and then we will see about your punishment for insolence, awkwardness and incompetence."
Tammie quickly grabbed the hem of his punishment dress and placing his left foot behind his right dipped into a perfect curtsey and said, "Welcome to Ms. Brenda's home Mr. Steve, I hope your visit here is enjoyable."
Steve laughed at him and shot glances back and forth between Tammie and Brenda, then he said, "Oh I am sure it will be very enjoyable Tammie, is that what she calls you, Tammie? I always thought your name was Tommy but I can see that I was wrong so Tammie it will be. Tammie, do you know why I am here?"
"No, no Sir I do not Mr. Steve."
"Well Tammie, I am here to begin a sex relationship with your future wife. You see, Ms. Brenda understands that I am much better equipped to satisfy her sexual needs than you are so she has invited me to do that. But there is a catch Miss Tammie, as much as she wants my hard cock and I can assure you she wants it bad, she wants to make sure that you will mind me and respect me. Now we have not gotten off to a very good start with the show of disrespect that you greeted me with so I guess I will have to work extra hard to make sure Ms. Brenda knows you respect me, now won't I Tammie?"
"But Mr. Steve, Sir, I meant no disrespect, I had only forgotten my heels were locked together while I stood in the corner."
"So you're telling me that it's ok for you to fall to the floor when you should be greeting me? That because you forgot something I am supposed to pay for it?"
Tammie had tears in his eyes as he said, "No Sir, it was my entire fault and I am so sorry Sir."
Ms. Brenda called Tammie to her and told him to turn around. She then placed his arms into the binding ribbons and showed Steve how the punishment dress worked. She then fastened the latch between the heels again hobbling Tammie. Tammie sensed what was coming next and the look of fear on his face gave him away.
Ms. Brenda then told Tammie, "Tammie there are no excuses, you know that. Now Mr. Steve is going to need to get satisfaction for your rudeness, you understand that don't you?"
Tears were beginning to drip from Tammie's as he nodded his head and said, "Yes Ms. Brenda I understand."
Steven took a seat in the middle of the sofa and Tammie turned to face him then took tiny little steps toward his fate as Steve watched in amusement and anticipation. Steve was really there for just one thing, sex, sex with Brenda. He had her wanted since the first time he ever laid eyes on her. He knew full well that such a treasure was not going to be his unless he played her game and right now that game was impressing upon Tammie who was boss.
When Tammie reached him he began to lay over Steve's lap but Steve was impatient and flopped him over so fast that Tammie's head nearly hit the floor. Steve had none of the ritual or finesse that Madam Rebecca or Ms. Baldwin did when it came to as spanking ceremony. He roughly and inadequately tried to push the petticoats and skirt up over Tammie's back. Bu the manner in which he did caused them to fall right back down over Tammie's pantied bottom frustrating him. Ms. Brenda finally intervened and instructed him on the proper way to do it. Begrudgingly Steve complied and was amazed that her method worked.
Once Tammie was properly laid out and his pantied bottom uncovered Steve took his hand and began to spank the hapless sissified male. Tammie was used to hair brushes and paddles and the occasional crop or whip but had never been spanked with a hand before.  Steve spanked hard and fortunately for Tammie, his hand began to hurt not long into the spanking so Steve began to let up.
Steve said to Tammie, "Tammie I am here to cuckold you, and I am going to make sure I do the best job possible. You are a pansy and I am a real man, you will show me all the respect you can muster or you will get plenty of these and from now on they will be with my belt. Now I want you to ask, no beg me, to cuckold you."
Tammie already had a sore bottom from the spanking he endured at Ms. Baldwin's hands only hours earlier. He quickly complied with Mr. Steve's request saying, "Mr. Steve will you please cuckold me Sir. I want to be a cuckold and I want you to be the one to make me a cuckold Sir, please will you Sir?"
Steve enjoyed the feeling he got from making Tammie say this and decided to take it further. He said, "Not good enough you little sissy, your just saying that to get me to stop spanking you. I want you to go into details."
"Oh please Sir, I really, really do want to be a cuckold, I want you to have sex with Ms. Brenda and please her like I cannot. I want you to come anytime you want and go to bed with her and enjoy her beautiful body. Please Sir, please have sex with Ms. Brenda and make me a cuckold Mr. Steve."
"Are you sure Tammie? Are you absolutely positive you want me to take your future wife to bed and fuck her? Because once I do she will for sure never want your puny little dick again, so are you really, really sure?"
Tammie was sobbing now but he knew he had to say it, "Yes Sir, I am sure that I want you and Ms. Brenda to have sex whenever and as often as you want Sir. I want to be a cuckold I mean I need to be a cuckold to Ms. Brenda and I want you to be the one to make me the cuckold Sir."
Ms. Brenda signaled to Steve that he had done enough for tonight so Steve stopped spanking Tammie and dumped him on the floor at his feet. He told Tammie to get up on his knees which Tammie did as quickly as possible and amazingly fast for a sissy bound as he was. He took Tammie's chin and lifted it and looked into his eyes. Then he reached down and pulled down his zipper and pulled out his huge cock. It was a full eight inches long, thick and hard. Tammie's little dick was only five and a half inches long and thin and never got truly hard. Tammie looked down at it only inches from his face and his eyes widened with amazement at how much bigger Mr. Steve's cock was than his.  His first thought was "Could Ms. Brenda take all of that and what would it do to
Steve told Tammie, "Look at this woman pleaser sissy boy, do you see what Ms. Brenda is going to get from me? Can't you just wait to see her lips wrapped around it sucking it? And can't you wait to see it disappearing into her body knowing how deep she is being penetrated. Oh you will get to hear her moans and screams of ecstasy. Then you will know what a cuckold you truly are and according to you your wish will have come true now isn't that right?"
With his eyes still transfixed on Steve's huge cock he nodded his head and said, "Yes Mr. Steve I will be a cuckold and I will have gotten my wish."
Ms. Brenda had become quite aroused by the entire event. Seeing a real man spank her sissy Tammie and now seeing Steve's cock for the first time comparing the visual image to the feeling of it with her hands. She said, "Tammie kiss Mr. Steve's cock head to show him you are sorry for your rudeness earlier and how serious you are about wanting to be a sissy cuckold."
Tammie did as told and lowered his red lips to Steve's cock and kissed the head several times. Steve was a bit unsure about this at first. He had never had a male suck or even touch his cock before but this really did not look much a like a male and the kissing did feel good.
As Steve relaxed Ms. Brenda said, "Tammie I want you to suck Steve's cock a little to get it really hard for me. You want me to have a really hard cock to sit on now don't you?"
Tammie paused from his kissing and said, "Yes Ms. Brenda I want you to have a really hard cock to sit on." He then opened his lips and took about four inches of Steve's cock inside his mouth and sucked on it like a perfect little sissy cock sucker. Steve was impressed. For some reason he never imagined that a sissy's mouth could or would feel as good as a real woman's mouth. He had been sucked hundreds of times. Women loved his manhood, the size, the hardness and loved to kiss, lick and suck on it. It was a point of pride to him but this, well this was very good. He had not realized how the sense of power and control would heighten his sexual experience. He had never before had quite this type of experience. But now it all came together, the anticipation of having Brenda under him, the power from dominating a panty waist, the feeling of a sissy so carefully kissing and sucking his cock. It all was a really big turn on and Steve laid back to enjoy the feelings.
Ms. Brenda noticed that Steve was quite content to let Tammie pleasure him which was not exactly what she had in mind. "Tammie," she yelled, "do you have him as hard as he can get yet?"
Tammie had slipped into a fantasy world himself and the sound of his name being so sternly called brought him back to reality very fast. He slid his mouth off Mr. Steve's cock only to have it spring up and catch him on the end of his nose. He said, "Yes Ms. Brenda I think it is as hard as I can get it, Ma'am."
Ms. Brenda then went over to Tammie and undid his arm binders and told him to unfasten the shoe latch. As he did, she grabbed Steve by the cock and pulled him to his feet and led him down the hallway to her bedroom.  Mr. Steve needed no encouragement and was soon ripping the clothes of Brenda and his own as well. In seconds they were in the bed and Steve was on top kissing her and sucking her nipples. Moments later he inserted his manhood between her legs amongst a low groan as she accepted him fully in one steady thrust.
Steve let her adjust to his size while he grabbed her hair and kissed her hard. His hairy chest was rubbing against her soft nipples and supple breasts mashing them but creating a wonderful sensation at the same time. Then Steve began to pump. Pulling out until only an inch remained in her and then pushing slowly back in deeply until his massive balls were pressed tight against her luscious ass.
Tammie was at a loss as to what to do so he just sat there for several moments waiting and thinking. It had all happened so fast he had to really think about what did actually happen.  Then he heard the moans begin from MS. Brenda followed by the bed hitting the wall each time Mr. Steve thrust his manhood deep into her.  The moans were increasing in volume and frequency and he thought, "It won't be long now."  And it wasn't moments later that he heard Ms. Brenda climax. She was singing it sounded like, and almost crying, he was not sure at first if she was in pain or pleasure but then he heard her grunting and imagined it was now she who was thrusting to get her deep and powerful climax.
Tammie suddenly though he better get cleaned up in case they called him for something so he scurried off to the bathroom and washed his face which was completely mascara stained and applied his sissy makeup.  But by the time he was ready Ms. Brenda was once again in the throes of passion building to what was sure to be a second climax.
But this time Steve was playing with her. As she would build, he would slow his thrusts causing a frustration in Brenda. Then he asked her if she liked his cock, she assured him she did. He then said, "You can have a choice Brenda, you can have my cock of Tammie's little dick but not both you have to make a choice."
Brenda told him she wanted his cock and tried to hump him the best she could. But Steve had control of her body and most of her movements and prevented her from getting the action she wanted.  He then said, "Tell me what you want and why and what you don't want and why or I am going to pull out right now."
Brenda crazy with the need for a climax did not hold back. "Steve, I want your manly hard cock in me and fucking me and making me cum because it is so fucking hard and so fucking big I just love it and I need it. I don't want that sissy Tammie's little dick in me ever again because it is way too small and way too soft to do any real woman any good. So please fuck me hard."
Tammie heard every word of it and he knew it was true. He knew he was now a real cuckold and would remain that way. He was not upset but rather he was facing a reality. The reality was that he was a sissy and was not a real man. He could not hope to do what Mr. Steve was doing but he could be a good sissy maid cuckold and he decided at that moment that there were no other options open to him.
Ms. Brenda was then brought to climax again. A short time later a third climax was heard through the entire apartment then a forth and a fifth.  Tammie thought how much difficulty he had in causing Ms. Brenda to climax once and he had to use his little dick and his finger to bring that off as weak as it was. He realized there were real men out there and he was not one of them. He wandered around pausing often to listen. It got so towards the end when Ms. Brenda climaxed Tammie noticed he was smiling. He was not sure if he were cheering for Mr. Steve or Ms. Brenda or maybe just for himself.
Finally things seemed to go quiet and then came the call from the bedroom.  Tammie hurried in not thinking about what would greet him but finding two naked bodies covered in sweat and cum lying tangled on the sheets. Tammie was ordered to bring wash clothes and towels and to clean them up.  After doing the best he could he noticed a big smile forming on Ms. Brenda's face. He recognized the smile as kind she had when a great idea was coming to her mind.

She looked at Tammie and said, "First little sissy cuckold you will suck the remaining juices from Steve's wonderful cock."  So Tammie got down and did as told getting the taste of the last drops to remain in his member. When he was done with that she said, "Now lay on the bed on your back so you can clean me."