sissy life style and extra rules


1. Must understand at all times that he is not a real man (non-sissified male who has the right to dictate his own life), but a humiliated sissy slut whose purpose in life is to serve dominant women as well as amuse them with his pathetic nature.

2. May never have any notions of being the equal of a real man, Mistress, or other superior person.

3. May only refer to his genitalia as a cocklette, dicklette, sissystick, clit or related terms and must always use the description “little”, “pathetic,” “small” or “tiny”

4. Required to recite sissy mantra nightly

5. At Mistress’s discretion, slave is not allowed to use pronouns (“I”, “Me”) but must use an appropriately humiliating name (need to come up with list of names)


1. Must be in panties 24/7; not allowed to own boys underwear

2. Required to only wear sissy/femme attire at home

3. When no-risk of detection, daily work/outer wear attire can include pantyhose, cami, bras/sports bras

4. Must wear nighties, babydolls etc to bed

5. Must wear collar whenever in the house


1. The sissy is required to maintain a toned, slim appearance.

2. The sissy is required to keep weight at or below 165 pounds under pain of discipline. Sissy will be required to lose XX pounds each week until reaching goal

3. Sissy is required to keep all body hair below the neck removed. Can use weekly shavings, creams or waxing.

4. Sissy is required to keep toenails polished in appropriate femme shades

5. Sissy is required to wear clear polish on fingernails


1. Sissy will help Mistress identify groups and/or Dominants to play with including: Maintaining account and, if required, checking emails and/or identifying possible playmates; Identifying D/s-Gor groups for Mistress to participate in; Helping Mistress prepare for evenings out

2. The slave will understand that as a sissy, he ranks wells below any Real Men Mistress interacts with and will be have accordingly.


1. The sissy has few rights

2. Privileges

a. Being allowed to walk

b. Being allowed to make eye contact

c. Being allowed on furniture

d. Being allowed to eat from table with plates/silverwear

3. Sissy is *not* allowed to backtalk or question Mistress

4. If sissy is ill or very busy, it can cut back on chores but can never revert to a freed state


1. Required to have time of month including carrying tampons and wearing very bulky pads in panties

2. Where possible, sissy is kept in chastity

3. Chastity device is removed at Mistress discretion

4. Sissy should be punished for even minor violations

a. Need to come up with list of punishments

b. Sissy should thank Mistress for punishing it

5. Sissy’s primary sex organs are its mouth and ass

6. Sissy is required to spend time each day with ass plugged or having ass fucked

7. Sissy must beg Mistress to fuck its ass regularly

8. Sissy should be kept in some state of bondage as much as possible

Rules sissy follows


1. you must always wear panties. sissies are not allowed to own men's underwear.


2. you must always have your toenails painted.


3. When at work you must always wear panties and have your toenails painted, but you need not wear any other Feminine items unless they won't show.

4。從不在任何情況下站著尿尿 - 要堅持這習慣,甚至在工作時。Sissy只能坐著尿尿。

4. Never, under any circumstances stand to pee - ever, even at work. sissies only sit to pee.


5. your face and body must be free of hair at all times.


6. Use only Female deodorant, shampoos, and conditioners.

7。買一些非常溫和的香水並經常使用噴它在身上 - 即使當你外出去(但不包括在工作時)。

7. Get some very mild perfume and wear it - even when you go out (but not to work).


8. Take frequent scented bubble baths (you might as well enjoy yourself).


9. Read a book about nail care and buy yourself a complete nail care kit. your fingernails don't always have to be painted, but they should be well manicured at all times. you must keep your toenails painted always.


10. Whenever you sit down, you must always sit with your knees together.

11。你必須保持自己的身腰曼妙,可以藉由有氧體操錄影帶達到這效果,並至少每週 3次穿著女性韻律服裝和緊身衣。

11. you must keep yourself in shape by working out to an aerobics videotape while wearing a feminine leotard and tights at least three times a week.


12. For bedtime, a nightgown or some other type of feminine nightie must be worn.


13. Subscribe to several Women's magazines and read them.


14. When leaving the house (not to work), besides your panties, you must always wear at least one other Feminine item.


15. When shopping, never make up an excuse that you are shopping for anyone else. you are a sissy. The items are for you. Be honest.


16. When shopping for clothes, if offered a chance to try on clothes, take it. you should also always be wearing pantyhose under your clothes when you go out looking for new clothes.


17. For 7 out of every 28 days you must have your period. Keep a calendar clearly marked. you must buy all your period needs yourself and be honest about them if asked. If your are not a sissy baby, during your period you must wear a maxi-pad at all times (you can wear this to work too). If you use a maxi-pad, you must find a way to keep a spare one on you at all times and change your pad at least four times a day.


Rules this sissy follows


1 凡在女主人的家中時,sissy將不准再穿男性衣服。

2 sissy 將穿上女侍的服裝,如果需要的話。

3 sissy將只穿女內褲,穿上搭配的胸罩,絲襪和塑身衣。

4 由教師命令要求sissy時,sissy將穿著她的cb3000 陰莖禁鎖設備。

注:當要求娘娘腔戴上 chasity設備時,將佩戴1週。

5 在女主人家中任何時間,sissy 將穿上不低於 4英吋的高跟鞋。

6 sissy將戴上白色花邊長手腕手套,當她穿著女侍制服。

7 sissy將穿她的3英寸耳環(夾式)。

Dress :

1 sissy will no longer wear male clothing while in Mistress's home.

2 sissy will be required to wear a maid's uniform with maids cap of Mistress

3 sissy will wear panties with matching bra, pantyhose, and body shaper.

4 when ordered by Mistress or requested by sissy, sissy will wear her cb3000 chasity device.

note: when requested by sissy chasity device will be worn for 1 week.

5 sissy will wear heal's no lower than 4" at all times while in Mistress's home.

6 sissy will wear her white lace wrist length gloves while in her maids uniform.

7 sissy will wear her 3 inch hoop earrings (clip-on).


1 在女主人的家中任何時候, sissy將必須完全上妝。

口紅 - 鮮紅色

臉腮 - 暗紅色

睫毛膏 - 黑色

眼影 - 藍色

眼線液 - 黑色

指甲油 - 鮮紅色

2 當離開女主人的家中時,sissy仍必須保持唇彩,及明確亮彩的指甲油,腳趾鮮紅指甲油。

Make-up :

1 sissy will be fully made up at all times while in Mistress Cathy's home.

lipstick - bright red

blush - dark red

mascara - black

eyeshadow - blue

eye liner - black

nail polish - bright red

2 sissy will wear lip gloss,clear nailpolish on fingernails,bright red polish on toenails while away from Mistress Cathy's home.


10 rules every Sissy should follow


Being a sissy, in my mind requires internalizing who a sissy is to you. To me, it embodies being feminine, frilly, ready to service and sexy. Below I've compiled a list of things that I always do, as taught by my trainer, to be a better sissy in my everyday life.


1.Always use the toilet sitting down


2.Taste, and swallow your own semen whenever possible. Grow to love the taste, if you don't already.


3.Always wear one piece of sissy clothing (at a minimum)


4.Sculpt your eyebrows more than a man would.


5.Train your ass to accept a dildo or anal plug regularly


6.Shave your legs


7.Cross your legs when sitting, or keep your knees together so that no-one can see your crotch.


8.Tuck your genitals away at all times so that they get used to it.


9.Obey your sissy trainer at every moment possible

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